Palomino Duck
It’s an interesting group with a quizzical name. First, the foursome that comprise the ensemble…Pictured left to right, Mitch Chastain plays lead keyboards and is the composer of “Light Into Blue.” He is trained in classical piano and it shows in his performance.

Next to Mitch is Tim McCabe who performs the trademark French vocals as well as playing acoustic guitar. Tim is the producer of the group and the composer of “Coming Home” and “Remember.”

John Martin is the classical guitarist of the group. He is featured on “Jasmine,” the song he composed on the “First Flight” album.

On the right is Huston Singletary, the sound designer of the group. Skilled as a keyboardist and percussionist, Huston gives Palomino Duck its unique sound with his layering artistry. He’s also the composer of “Above the Serengeti” and “Journey North.”

New member Chris Corso (not pictured) rounds out the core performing group. Chris brings his light rock style of piano to Palomino Duck. His composition featured on the “Free Flight” album is entitled “Love Will Conquer All.”

Numerous “guest” performers can be heard on the Palomino Duck albums. “Ducklings,” who perform on their own compositions include Jon Serrie, Merl Saunders, Emory Gordy, Marc Aramian, Mac Frampton, Cheryl Rogers, Paul Gilreath, Beth Michaels, Skip Lane, David Seering, Karl Heilbruin and Alan Shacklock.

When asked about the name, Tim McCabe, who also founded the group, tells this story. He and his wife, Sharyn, were walking around a small lake in New Bern, NC. A strange and unique duck landed a few feet from the couple. Startled at first by the commotion, McCabe looked at the oddly colored duck and replied, “It’s a Palomino Duck!” To which Sharyn responded, “Remember the name…that’s your next album.”