Planet Earth Recording Company was founded in 1992 by Atlanta music Producer Tim McCabe. McCabe’s intent was to provide an outlet for local music and musicians. The first project was “Genesis,” an album featuring Hi Spirit, the folk choir of Holy Innocents’ Church in Atlanta. The second album was by The Steel Bandits, a nationally renown steel band based in Perry, GA. This CD was called “Steel Your Heart” and was completed in 1993. It was about this time that the concept of Palomino Duck was solidifying. McCabe had assembled a group of composer/musicians and had completed about half of the premier album. He initially thought about getting a major label involved so he decided to shop the album which he had named “First Flight”. When no doors opened, McCabe made the decision not to wait any longer. He decided to complete the album and offer it on his own, Planet Earth Recording Company.

On October 1, 1994, the album was officially released to the world.  A few months later, KKSF, the top smooth jazz station in San Francisco, added the record to its play list and things really started to happen.  Calls began coming in from all parts of California looking for Palomino Duck.

It wasn’t long before record distributors were contacting Planet Earth Recording Co – and soon after Palomino Duck was in stores nationwide…Borders, Hear Music, Media Play, the Wherehouse, etc.

Tim began looking for other acts to record.  One of the performers on “First Flight” was Mac Frampton, concert pianist and long time friend of Tim’s.  The two collaborated on “Music of the Night,” Mac performing and Tim producing.  The combo has been very successful as “Music of the Night” continues to be a top seller.

“Free Flight,” the follow-up album by Palomino Duck was recorded in 1996; Also that year, “I Remember You, Johnny” featuring Tommy Newsom and vocalist David Seering was released.

Tim put together the first “Georgia On My Mind” compilation album, entitled “Vintage” Georgia at the end of 1996.  Tim’s more recent productions offered by the label include Mac Frampton’s follow-up, “Projections” and a second “Georgia On My Mind.”  This one is called Volume II, Georgia “Country.”  

The latest CD production is  “Love On a Stormy Weekend,” a pop/classic CD featuring pianist and 12-time Grammy winner Thomas Z. Shepard.  It’s the first of what Tim calls “The Love Series.”  There are more creative projects in the works, but right now, Tim is concentrating on the business aspects of the label – getting the music to the people.